Lead Gem was established in 2006. While we are a young company, General Manager Tsai and President Chen have over 10 years of centerless grinding machine experience. They bring with them a passion for the machinery industry and the cutting edge technology needed to support it.

The culture of innovation is strong at Lead Gem. This is also a place where the tireless work ethic of Taiwan’s people shines through. We are constantly working to develop our line of ultra high speed hydrostatic spindles for grinding machine. From the smallest 8 inch / 20,000 rpm grinding wheel, to our largest 24 inch / 3,000 rpm grinding wheel, rotational accuracy is within 2µm. We are proud to offer a 3 year guarantee on our hydrostatic spindle centerless grinders as well as our other hydrostatic spindle grinder series.

Lead Gem is consistently awarded patents in Taiwan for innovative new technology. On 21 June 2008 we were awarded Patent #299014. And in 2006, the LGC-2408 dynamic spindle type ultra high speed centerless grinder broke new ground with never before seen levels of safety and convenience of use.

In 2007, in recognition of environmental demands made around the world, Lead Gem made use of the excellent features of hydrostatic high speed spindle technology to conserve electricity and increase efficiency in a series of high speed outer diameter special use grinding machines for the Taiwan diamond industry. Our company was awarded three new patents numbered 123381, 123382, and 123383 for this series 20 June 2008.

Our mission is clear. We will continue to manufacture high accuracy, high precision grinding machines that provide low maintenance and an economical manufacturing solution. We want to change the way industry thinks about grinding machines and make the greatest contribution to your manufacturing possible. Our experience with grinding machines has us at the heart of hydrostatic spindle research and development, and in position to create even more sophisticated grinding machine technology. Dynamic spindle type ultra high speed centerless grinding machines, ultra high speed outer diameter grinding machines, inner diameter grinders, two sided grinding machines, and any type of custom order or special use machine are all within our capabilities. All our grinding machines are fully enclosed for the utmost in protection and safety.

When it comes to grinding machines think Lead Gem and the peace of mind that comes with a 3 year guarantee.